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Photo Essay: A trip to Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultreFor the majority of horological aficionados, visiting their most favorite manufacture is often a necessary pilgrimage down the path. I’ve had the privilege to see a number of during my time, however living halfway world wide makes mtss is a little more associated with an expedition than works. However, on my small last assignment to Switzerland, I happened to have got a free day, along with the folks at Jaeger-LeCoultre were extremely accommodating…Enjoy the photo essay it’s really a tale of precisely how a watch is made, and also a slight deviation from normal programming right here at Fratelloreplica watches, however think you’ll think it is interesting the same.Images shot with an Olympus OM-D and Panasonic 20/1.7 and 45/2.8 macro lenses. Each image might be manifested itself for a larger version.I had been with all this as well as a lab coat, presumably to keep out street dust (or perhaps add to the authenticity with the experience for some). Sadly, they didn’t issue me with any tools perhaps for my own good.That pass, gets you into here:Once past the obligatory heavy Eastern Europeans (presumably there to be sure you don’t leave with any replica watches you didn’t appear in with), an example may be greeted with that sculpture a bit further along the hall; signed by all of the thousand employees who act on the Manufacture.The existing Manufacture, currently reception desk and offices.Views out of this place are incredible. It’s like building postcard.Life span of a watch starts from the prototype and R&D department at Jaeger-LeCoultre; for understandable reasons, I wasn’t able to take photos in here and even go ahead, for example. From your production standpoint, things begin here within the parts fabrication department, where things are all cut, stamped, shaped, machined, CNC’d, bent…The production of that may be seen here Reverso case blanks, thousands and thousands of tiny, perfect blued screws, as well as a whole number of spare gears (I really believe they are offcuts that didn’t pass QC).Those cases marked in red (together with other parts) are then shipped to the QC department, where a laser alignment rig checks the parts are within extremely fine (think micron level) tolerances. rig at the office here:Next up is finishing parts are polished, grinded, striped, anglaged, perlaged, engraved, plated, and generally prettied up in an additional department. Two things surprised me: stripes and perlage are surprisingly fast to utilize; polishing a Reverso case isn't in fact, it will take a lot longer than I might have imagined.The anglage process.Rotor engraving.Setting microscopically small jewels; that pile products seems like pull out up right is a pile of unset ruby bearing stones. Of course, you will need a microscope and hands of stone.Anchor setting room.Up some stairs, which has a quick pause (note scenery) and through an attic doorway……takes us to the haute horologie department.Don’t forget your protection. And those wrapped things at bottom left aren’t sweets, they’re earplugs imitation breitling .With a tray for targeted traffic to enjoy when you enter. Sadly, no ‘Please Take Onesign ended up being be viewed anywhere.This section of the workshop can be an incredibly quiet, calm environment; you get the feeling you’re within a high precision lab rather than a manufactory that we suppose is really how it is. You’ll recognize that a lot of the workers are connected their iPods; the songs and isolation help concentration.Assembling a Jaeger-LeCoultre Sphéro Tourbillon watch.Ta-da! Look a few things i made earlier. This is maybe the only photograph to date with five of them in one place…Beginning to case up inside of a negative pressure cabinet, so dust gets sucked out.Moving up to another bench, we discover:The blue and red plastic is really a protective layer to stop scratches because replica watches are cased, assembled, and final adjustments made.There’s additionally a Jaeger-LeCoultre Repetition Minutes a Rideau present but not just anyone, a blue one!It sounded great. I suspect the double case (the movement is really depending on the earlier limited edition compilation of 500 in pink gold) raises the tonal qualities with the chime significantly. It also looks absolutely stunning, though I’d gladly forgo the outer slide mechanism and only contain the inner watch apparently the inner case is about the same size to be a regular Reverso GT, which isn’t huge at all.On its way out, we pass a Gyrotourbillon in final stages of regulation. The dial within the left (which actually looks complete) is really a work dial, utilized for adjustment only. I’m told it takes one watchmaker between 1.5 a few months to collect one of these simple; the enormous time difference is when after assembly, it doesn’t run to spec, then your whole thing really needs to be taken apart as well as the cage re-balance and re-adjusted.The gem setting atelier is next.I’m not a huge fan of gem set pieces (they showed me bracelet links for any Master Tourbillon, that when completed, would retail for approximately tens of thousands of Euros your entire thing was covered in diamonds, for example the dial); however, this particular piece was pretty intriguing it’s termed as a ‘chaoticsetting, so you actually can’t see in which the setting ends as well as the stones begin. They choose around 200-240 diamonds of assorted sizes to pay a ladiesReverso case.We appear to have found the Atmos division (we explained the Atmos clock here).I just found this portion quite fascinating, when you seldom see lots of these in one location plus more interestingly, so many vintages; there have been clocks here dating from easily five decades go. I suppose it’s mostly of the products whose fundamental parts have changed little or no as time passes. Interestingly, they still cure the balance suspension wire; except nowadays, it’s completed with weights and ac current rather than horse urine and time.Oh look, a Klimt! In all seriousness, this was a incredibly stunning piece that i think few are already sufficiently lucky to get see in the flesh.View in the employee canteen.I did so also look at the museum watches , but wasn’t able to take any photos. Suffice to state there are a few incredibly rare and intensely interesting pieces in that room. And although each of the Atmos clocks are running, charmingly none of them show the exactly same time 🙂 Ming Thein for Fratelloreplica watches.I have to say an individual thanks a lot to Marina Shvedova, Janek Deleskiewicz, Cecile Tichant, Alexis Delaporte, Reena Tan tag heuer imitation watches , and all the patient employees whom patiently answered my endless barrage of questions.Official Jaeger-LeCoultre websiteOfficial Jaeger-LeCoultre Facebook Page